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Thoughts on Karl Ove Knausgårds book "My Struggle"

I read the first book of "My Struggle" by the norwegian writer Karl Ove Knausgård, and I allready started reading the second one. I really enjoy the melancholic humor of these books, they emphasize the sadness of the truth (lie) many people live. I also plan on reading some of Karl Oves other works, when I'm done with the "My Struggle" serie of 6 books.

Drive nice in your company car

A really bad signal to send, is to drive like a drunk madman in a car with your comany logo on it.

Not paying your bills makes you seem unprofessional

I had some clients that forgot to pay their bills, repeadedly. This, however, does not make me angry, it just makes me wonder why they are so unprofessional.

Buying a website is like buying a car

Ever wondered why a website is so expensive? Here I give you the answer!

Xmas poem in danish

This poem took me a year to write - now it is written in danish, so pardon my international friends.

Welcome to my mind!

I thought it to be best practice to make my first post on this new website into a heart warming welcome post. So here you go! Read to find out who I am and why I made this site - and also why the site is so damn simple!